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The Local Transport History Society publishes these illustrated PDF booklets to a standard format of 7x5 inches, which makes them easier to read on a PC or tablet screen without annoying scrolling. If you are viewing on a mobile phone we recommend you rotate your phone to the horizontal for best results. The booklets should automatically resize to your device. You will need to have the Adobe Reader installed.

The Adobe DC Reader for Windows, Mac Os, iPhone/iPad, Android phones and tablets can be downloaded HERE.


We have also used photographs from other photographers in our publications but unfortunately have been unable to contact them - full credit has been given where appropriate and if you see any of your photos in our booklets we would be grateful if you would confirm you have no objections to their use. Unattributed photographs are credited to the LTHS collection - if you spot any of your photographs please get in touch, we will credit them correctly or remove them if you wish. We would also like to thank the following authors for permission to publish their works in our booklets; Neville Mercer; Dave Taylor

We are grateful to the PSV Circle for permission to use information from their fleet lists etc. in compiling the fleet lists in our PDF booklets. For more detailed information we recommend you visit their website for details of available publications.

We would like to thank
David Lang for his patience in asking contributors to his website for permission to publish their photographs in our PDF booklets. Please take the time to visit the sct’61 website which is full of historic bus photos.

Our thanks are also extended to
Mike Beamish for making his photographic collection available to us to illustrate our booklets. Check out his website - Mikes Bus Pages.

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