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The Local Transport History Society publishes these illustrated PDF booklets to a standard format of 7x5 inches, which makes them easier to read on a PC or tablet screen without annoying scrolling. If you are viewing on a mobile phone we recommend you rotate your phone to the horizontal for best results. The booklets should automatically resize to your device. You will need to have the Adobe Reader installed.

The Adobe DC Reader for Windows, Mac Os, iPhone/iPad, Android phones and tablets can be downloaded HERE.


We would like to offer our thanks to the following who have kindly allowed us to publish their photographs in our booklets: John Kaye (also John Boylett); Donald Hudson; David Lang; Paul Haywood; Barry Rennison; Mike Morant (also W. J. Wyse); Mike Beamish; Keith Butcher; David Beilby; Ken Aveyard (also Wimborne Railway Society Archive); Chris Hough; Bernard Warr; David Mitchell (also Robert Mitchell); Roland Wilcox; Alan Hall; Martin Clark; Larry Goddard; Roy Marshall; John Stringer; Ashley Birch; National Tramway Museum; Tramway & Light Railway Society; D. J. Norton; Michael Keeley (also Patrick Keeley); Stuart Little; Bruce Tilley; Chris Stewart (also Essex Bus Enthusiasts Group); Trevor Brookes; Commercial Motor Archive; John Ryan; Barry Nunn; Peter Williamson; Stephen Howarth; Peter Green; Brian Pask; Great Eastern Railway Society; Science and Society Picture Library; Brian Townsend; Richard Simons; Pennine Heritage Ltd (with special thanks to Frank Woolrych); Todmorden Antiquarian Society.