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LTHS Image Bank - Birch Brothers

All prints in the Image Bank are glossy 6x4” prints, produced in a professional laboratory, either in black & white or in colour. Price 50p each plus postage and packing, which is £1.20 irrespective of order size.

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BB1: A8545

1905 Milnes-Daimler with Birch 34-seat bodywork.

BB2: Archway A22

1906 Milnes-Daimler with Birch 34-seat bodywork.

BB3: IT268

1919 Leyland chassis ex-War Department with Birch 26-seat coachwork.

BB4: GK6431

1930 Leyland TD1 with Birch 56-seat bodywork.

BB5: GX132

1932 Leyland TD2 with Birch 56-seat bodywork.

BB6: HLY480

1946 Leyland PD1 with original Birch 53-seat lowbridge bodywork.

BB7: LXM21

1951 Leyland PSU1/13 with Windover 39-seat coachwork.

BB8: LXV220

1951 Leyland PD1A with Willowbrook 53-seat bodywork.

BB9: 80CYV

1961 Leyland L2 Leopard with Duple 41-seat coachwork.

BB10: ALD26B

1964 AEC Reliance with Harrington 41-seat coachwork.

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